Teaching philsophy

It is very common to learn piano in Hong Kong. A lot of children start learning the piano at a very young age and complete Grade 8 piano in Primary 6. Not a lot of children like playing the piano. I feel that it would be meaningless to obtain the Grade 8 certificate at a young age.

I hope to go back to the basic by not only allowing the classes to become more interesting and for the students to enjoy music, but also to grow up with music. I think that it is much better than just obtaining the certificate.

In conclusion, it is necessary to enforce the students motivation towards music in a positive manner. By doing so, I have established an award scheme, weighting system and yearly plan, etc. as well as creating a carefree environment.


學習鋼琴已經成為了一件很普遍的事。香港有很多小朋友從小就學習鋼琴,小學6年班就考獲8級鋼琴證書。不過, 真正喜歡彈鋼琴的學生人數卻不多。我認為這是沒有意義的

我希望可以回歸基本, 令課堂變得有興。讓學生享受音樂, 於音樂中成長。這一定能令學生一生受用, 比起一紙證書更有價值。

此外, 現今的學生學習動機不高。本人會推出一系列推動學生進步的政策。例如:設立完善的獎勵計劃, 評分制度, 年度計劃表及嘉許計劃等等。希望讓學生在一個較輕鬆愉快的環境下成長。


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